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Our Home Management Platform is used by home owners to manage, maintain, protect, and improve their largest asset and biggest expense, their home.

Our product is designed for residential homeowners and the agencies and professionals who serve them.
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Home management is a complicated process, requiring the coordination of a variety of tasks to maintain a safe, comfortable living space. From routine inventories and maintenance to renovations and finances, there are many aspects of home management that require attention. Fortunately, a new type of digital home management platform is now available to help streamline the process. This platform combines all aspects of home management into one software package, allowing users to effectively manage their inventories, schedule maintenance and repairs, oversee renovations, and keep track of finances. With this platform, users can quickly and easily stay on top of all their home management needs and make the most out of their living spaces.

1. Track inventory of appliances and furnishings

Inventorying what items you own and where they are located is an essential part of any home management platform. A digital home management platform should provide the ability to track and manage all of your furniture, appliances, decor, and other items in a single, easy-to-access inventory. This inventory should be organized by rooms, with the ability to add, edit, and delete items as needed. The inventory should also keep track of the manufacturer, model, serial number, and warranty information for each item. This will help ensure that you can easily locate replacement parts and schedule maintenance and repair appointments when needed.

2. Schedule and track maintenance and repairs

Scheduling and tracking maintenance and repairs is an essential feature of a digital home management platform. By having a reliable system to keep track of all upcoming maintenance, repairs, and replacements, homeowners can ensure that their homes remain in good condition and are always up to date with the latest safety and efficiency standards. Homeowners can easily add and track upcoming maintenance tasks, as well as keep a record of completed tasks. In addition, the system can also alert homeowners when it is time to renew certain warranties, so they don't miss any important dates.

3. Create and maintain a budget

Creating and maintaining a budget is a key component of effective home management. Knowing how much you can afford to spend on repairs, renovations, and everyday expenses is important in order to stay on track and not overspend. Most budgets include income, expenses, and savings. Income is the money you earn, expenses are the money you spend, and savings are the money you set aside for emergencies or future purchases. When creating and maintaining a budget, it is important to track your expenses and make sure that you are not overspending. Additionally, it’s important to adjust your budget as your income and expenses change over time.

4. Estimate costs and track progress of home renovations

Home renovations can be a daunting task. As a homeowner, it’s important to accurately estimate costs and track progress along the way. With a digital home management platform, homeowners can easily estimate costs and track progress of home renovations. You can keep track of the materials you need and their associated costs, as well as the estimated timeline of the renovation. You can also track the progress of the renovation and make sure it is staying on budget. With this information, you can make better decisions and gain visibility into the entire process.

5. Monitor energy use and related costs

The fifth element of the Digital Home Management Platform is monitoring energy use and related costs. This tool allows users to track their energy consumptions and costs over time, allowing them to identify areas of improvement and take action to reduce their energy usage. This feature can be accessed on a dashboard, which displays an overview of energy usage and cost. Additionally, users can drill down into specific areas of their home to get more detailed data and view historical trends. By monitoring their energy usage, users can do their part to reduce their environmental impact and save money.

6. Set up reminders for recurring tasks like mowing lawns and changing HVAC filters

With a digital home management platform, users can easily keep track of recurring tasks and set up reminders for when they need to be completed. This makes it easy to remember when to mow the lawn, change the HVAC filters, and take care of other routine home maintenance tasks. Reminders can be set up on a regular basis, like every month or every two weeks, and users can receive notifications on their phone when it’s time to take care of a certain task. This kind of reminder system helps users keep their home in order and running smoothly.

7. Set up digital reminders for insurance payments

Having a digital home management platform is an essential part of keeping your home in order. One of the key aspects of such a platform is making sure all your bills and insurance payments are up-to-date and taken care of. To make sure you never forget to make a payment, you should set up digital reminders. This way, you will have a notification that pops up with a specific day and time to remind you of the payment. This will help to ensure that you never miss a payment and that your insurance coverage is always up to date.

8. Store digital copies of all relevant documents related to home ownership

Maintaining a digital copy of all relevant documents related to home ownership is essential for efficient home management. Having a digital copy of all documents, such as proof of purchase, warranties, and repair orders, will enable you to quickly and easily reference them when needed. Documents related to home ownership can include but are not limited to: property deeds, warranty paperwork, insurance policies, tax statements, mortgage statements, home improvement receipts, and repair records. Keeping a digital copy of all these documents, and organizing them in a file storage system, will ensure you have quick and easy access to all the information you need to properly manage your home.

In conclusion, a digital home management platform can be an invaluable tool for homeowners. By providing comprehensive features to manage inventories, maintenance, renovations, and finances, homeowners can streamline their projects and manage their home more efficiently. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned homeowner, a digital home management platform can help you save time, money, and effort.

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